Welcome to  the blog of La Cantina bar and grill. We are a Mexican restaurant with two locations, one in Cedar Rapids and one in Marion. We pride ourselves on serving authentic Mexican food. Of course, Authentic can mean different things depending on what region of Mexico the dish is from.

Authentic Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican food is not over complicated; it has a few, fresh, unprocessed ingredients and it uses spices traditional in Mexican food. We serve many items you’ll be familiar with such as fajitas,

enchiladas, and tacos. Other dishes might be new to you. If you’ve never tried mole (said like mole-ay) you must! It’s a pepper sauce that is famous for its rich flavor. Our Pollo Enchilado is a smoked chicken breast simmered with onions in our spicy chipotle sauce.


Because Mexico has so much coastline, seafood is a common ingredient in our food. We carry  forward this tradition with our dishes like our Ceviche that is shrimp marinated in citrus, mixed with pico de gallo and chilled with refreshing avocados and served with tostadas. Our Mahi Mahi tacos will delight your senses and make you think you are sitting in the shade on a Mexican beach.

Burgers too!

Ask any real Mexican what their favorite food in as you might just as likely get the answer of hamburger as you would a taco. Who doesn’t love a big, juicy, meaty burger? Well, we know we do and put our own twist on them. We have a classic cheeseburger, but with pepper jack cheese for simplicity and if you really want to take it all the way, we have Habañeroburger. This burger is dressed up with our special spicy sauce.


Stop in and experience our unique mix of cultures and delicious food!