We at La Cantina Mexican Restaurant know that when you are craving Mexican food, you want the best there is. We work hard to satisfy that craving! In order to sate that desire, we’ve put some thought into what exactly those cravings are yearning for. We apologize ahead of time if you end up drooling or running out for an early or long lunch!


  • We think that a good Mexican restaurant serves dishes of food that stimulate all your senses.
  • La Cantina serves food that is fresh, so the vegetables are bright in color, smell of freshness or have a touch of charred goodness from the grill.
  • The tortilla chips are crisp to the touch and with just the right amount of saltiness so that every crunch snaps in your mouth and makes your tongue dance and ask for just a sip of that gorgeous margarita you ordered.



  • You don’t have to know Spanish to know that picante means cooked to be spicy!
  • Our sauces and marinades are time tested to be just the right level of spiciness. Our personal favorite level of spice is best put in these silly terms: sinus clearing but not eye watering. We think that says it all.
  • Fresh ingredients like peppers, onions and our pico de gallo add a crisp, mellowing freshness to our spicy dishes.



  • It’s a very rare person who can get up from a meal at La Cantina still hungry!
  • Our appetizers will get you off on the right foot. Try a plate of nachos to share with the whole table or some wings to whet your appetite.
  • Our entrees are balanced and satisfying. A plate with a centerpiece of grilled meat or vegetables and finished with rice and beans is sure to leave your hunger, as well as your tastebuds, satisfied.



  • A great thing about Mexican food is that you can feel like you’ve eaten a healthy meal when you are done!
  • Our vegetables are healthy and full of vitamins and you’ll never lack for protein in a good Mexican meal.
  • We serve, pork, beef, chicken and eggs, and even the rice and beans combination make a full protein so you know you are eating well!

We’d love to write more about what makes a great Mexican meal great and more about how La Cantina embodies those qualities but our stomachs are grumbling so it’s time to head to La Cantina and satisfy our cravings for great Mexican food!