1. As American As Tacos

      Authentic? What makes good Mexican food, like the food you’ll find at La Cantina, authentic? Authentic Mexican food generally has several qualities. Maize What we now call corn is an indigenous plant from southern Mexico. Corn has been an essential part of Mexican food since before there was a Mexico. It is thought that corn was domesticated by the year 2500 BCE. When combines with beans,…Read More

  2. As American as Tacos

    No matter where you go in this country, you can expect to find certain types of restaurants. Besides BBQ and Italian, you’ll almost always find at least one Mexican restaurant. My own personal memories of discovering Mexican food center a move out west from the East Coast, but nowadays Mexican restaurants can be found from Bar Harbor to Cedar Rapids, to Tacoma. How did this happen? We’ll go ov…Read More

  3. Try Lunch at L a Cantina!

    La Cantina has something for everyone. We are Cedar Rapids and Marion’s favorite Mexican Restaurant because everyone can find something they love on our menu. From your Mexican traditional favorites such as Chicken Mole, to our contemporary Mexican themed 1/2 pound black Angus burgers, everyone leaves with happy and full bellies. If you are looking for a place to have lunch during your work day,…Read More

  4. What Makes Great Mexican Food Great?

    We at La Cantina Mexican Restaurant know that when you are craving Mexican food, you want the best there is. We work hard to satisfy that craving! In order to sate that desire, we’ve put some thought into what exactly those cravings are yearning for. We apologize ahead of time if you end up drooling or running out for an early or long lunch! Stimulating We think that a good Mexican restaurant se…Read More

  5. Welcome to Our Blog!

    Welcome to  the blog of La Cantina bar and grill. We are a Mexican restaurant with two locations, one in Cedar Rapids and one in Marion. We pride ourselves on serving authentic Mexican food. Of course, Authentic can mean different things depending on what region of Mexico the dish is from. Authentic Mexican Food Authentic Mexican food is not over complicated; it has a few, fresh, unprocessed …Read More